Writing Prompt – Fairy

Out catching fireflies on their family’s farm on a hot summer evening, two little girls accidentally capture a fairy instead.

“What are we going to do tonight Brin?” Rowen sighed as she watched her best friend walk up the gravel drive way. The two girls shrugged at each other as if they could read each others minds. They would spend the summer evening as they always did; passing time, laughing, and planning their futures. Both girls loved talking about what adulthood would hold for them, who they would be, and the exciting adventures that they were so sure they would have. 

Brinley and Rowen had been summer friends from the time that they could remember. They had both been fortunate to grow up in families that vacationed every summer in the small town. Since the girls were so close in age it was natural that they would be friends and over time they had become best friends. 

Brinley was wearing her pink heart shaped sunglasses that she had been wearing since summer started. They were slightly too big for her small face, but she loved them anyway. As far as she was concerned they looked awesome! Her long honey brown hair was perfectly in place; the waves ending in the middle of her back. She always wanted long hair, but as a young child her mother always cut it short.


Rowen stared at her friend and rolled her eyes. Why does she look like we are going to a beauty pageant? She thought.

Her light blonde hair was in perfectly parted pigtails that were braided down the sides and tied off with green ribbon. Green is her favorite color… unlike her pink loving best friend.


Rowen jumped off the porch swing and smiled at Brinley. “Let’s go!” she screamed. The two ran toward the distant lake laughing and decided to sit on the hill to watch the sunset. The sky was streaked with bright purples, dark blues, and teals. The sun was bigger than it had ever looked; and the crescent moon was equally as large. It was odd that they were both so visible at the same time. There was something magical about this sunset. They watched until the sun disappeared on the horizon. 

Brinley pointed at the hill that was lit up by a soft golden glow from fireflies. The girls laughed as they attempted to catch as many of the fireflies as they could. Rowen collapsed on the hill, out of breath, and looked up at the giant silver moon. The summer night air felt good on her skin and she could feel the cool grass under her legs. As she stared at the sky she noticed a teal fluttering in front of her face. That’s an interesting color for a firefly! 

She cupped her hands and caught it.

As she opened her hands; her blue eyes opened wide with shock. She could not believe what she was looking at… it can’t be real. She shook her head as if to erase her distorted imagination. But when she looked at the teal light that was in her hands again… she knew it was real. She had caught  a fairy! 

Throughout her childhood she had always secretly searched for the fairies, but sadly she never caught one.  As she grew older, she accepted that magic was not real and she wouldn’t get to make any wishes.

Tonight she had magic cupped in her tiny hands. The fairy was so tiny, radiating a translucent teal light that created the shape of the tiny being. She saw long gold hair highlighted with glitter and colors she couldn’t describe. Beautiful. 

 Rowen didn’t even notice Brinley was standing so close to her “Rowe what are you doing? Hello?!”

Rowen looked at Brinley and said “I found a fairy”. Brinley peeked into Rowen’s cupped hands and gasped. “That can’t be real! That’s a fairy.”  The girls looked at each other and immediately knew they wanted to make a wish. But now they had no idea what to wish for.

They decided to each make a wish.  In the spirit of magic – they knew that they could not tell anyone – or the wish would not come true. They quietly made their wishes and released the tiny teal light and it flew off into the hills.  Little did the young girls know – they already had everything they wished for.


(This is my first time using a prompt… So I do not know if it is good or not. Thanks for reading!)

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