Well Hello world!

My name is Cris. I am a soon to be 30 year old female: on a strange yet fascinating journey. So here’s the deal… I’ve always wanted to write, but it doesn’t pay the bills. At least not for me. So, this will be my private space to write what I want about my observations on life, love, dating, and personal moments.  Some can read for fun, take advice from my own life lessons, or to tell me your own thoughts.

I am completely blunt, straight-forward, and honest.  Some might find the way I write a little offensive and some might get a kick out of it.  I’m lucky if anyone even reads what I write!  If I am not honest and brutal then I am never going to get my thoughts out.  I am an over-analyzing, spiritual, fun, and witty person who will hopefully make you want to read more.

I will most likely over-share on the details of my life, but that’s entertainment for some. So read my blog if you want to follow my story  🙂


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  1. First of all, thank you for follwoing my blog. I just checked out yours. While reading your “about” page I found a very impressive similariteis… although I am not a young girl anymore life surprises me over and over and shows me that I know so little about it…. which is wonderful. Because there is so much new to discover. I love to follow you back to see lots of your discoveries.

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  2. I wish you the absolute best.

    In my own ways, I am starting over as well, though I do not have to do so on the dating/love front, fortunately…but in most other relationships, well it is rare for a relationship to be both robust enough to withstand the storms of life and delicate enough not to crush our souls.

    Occasionally, I am able to capture these things in my poetry. If they could ever be of comfort to you I would be so honored…deepest blessings to you and may you always find the courage to be honest with yourself and the wholeness that is honesty’s sister.


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  3. I don’t know how you found my blog, but thanks. Maybe you got the flavor of how I am changing course, though I don’t quite see it as starting over so much as finding my true path. I see you are finding yours as well.


  4. Hello, darling Cris….I think your story is fascinating…not because it’s different or singular and unlike anyone else’s but because everyone identifies with you. You and me sister are in the same boat when it comes to life, love and dating and thanks for the like on my song “Kind Of A Wonder” 😉 Music is how I explore the world and I enjoyed how you share your world through writing. Hope you find more to like from my page. I’ll be following your story 😉 Much love for one girl to another, Annabel


  5. Hey pretty lady. I just read latest blog about men. Good! I thought I would start off your morning with a pleasant comment. Thank you for following my blog. it’s my secret blog…welcome.

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  6. being a father and a grandfather and going thru a similar situation where I had a daughter outside of my marriage and trying to be with her as much as possible as she was growing up and being a father , but not being able to be a dad as it should be and having to keep it a secret from my own family members and my wife for nearly thirty years and then breaking down and admitting it to all family members, I found peace within myself for admitting and apologizing to everyone and asking for forgiveness.
    the point I am trying to bring up is that you have to forgive yourself before you can be forgiven by your child as I had learned. don’t beat yourself up but just move on and do everything that you can possibly do to be better and it will show and you will see it in your sons face and feel it from his heart. LOVE,FAITH,HOPE


  7. this poem is for you and your son

    A Parents Love

    If you’re not a parent then you don’t know
    The aches and pains that do not show.
    When we see our child sick in bed
    And so many thoughts go through your head.
    When your child is in the hospital with 103
    And by their side is where you want to be.

    Recalling the first time that they ride a bike
    And they fall and scrape their knee
    And it seems they cry endlessly.

    When you play with their imaginary friends
    And it seems like it will never end.
    then they go to pre-k
    and for hours They have to stay.
    Then they go to kindergarten and they
    Meet children their same age
    And it becomes fun and games.
    Soon they’re out of elementary
    And go to junior high
    And then the aches and pains
    Really begin to fly.
    They already experienced their
    First kiss, and possibly a sexual
    Affair, and with you they will not share.
    Soon it’s high school and college to follow
    And you don’t see them for quite a while.
    Then you get a call that they’re engaged
    And you know your life has changed.
    Then comes a marriage and a family
    And a grandparent you will be.
    But as a parent our love will never
    Grow old, and this is something
    That you are now told.
    We are your parents and we will
    Always be, we’ll love you now
    And thru eternity.

    louis rams

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  8. here is one more for you and your son

    Mother s Love

    I am but a mere child clinging to my mother s breast
    Sucking out the love she has inside, as it makes me
    Dizzy as if I am high.
    The warmth and nourishment that it gives
    Gets me stronger – with the strength to live.
    Mother! Your love can’t be denied, it is something you cannot hide.
    And you may not be around to see me grow
    But in your heart you will know.
    Whether it be distance or death that keeps us apart
    You will always have me in your heart.
    You nurtured and tutored me to know right from wrong
    And showed me how to become unselfish and strong.
    You showed me how a mother s gentle heart can be
    And from indignations and chains you set me free.
    We was born free – no leg irons or shackles to be found
    Even the umbilical cord was thrown to the ground.
    We as children are born free as eagles up in the sky
    We could soar and we could climb.
    All of this has been given to me, because you and GOD set me free.
    GOD gave us a brain for us to use, and a heart with which to choose.
    But the most important thing he gave to me
    Was a mother “who loved me “.

    louis rams


  9. thank you so much for the like on the poems I sent you and just for being you. on your blog page you talk about finding love and dating.
    check out my new poem called “how should love be ”

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      1. Hi girl! It is a fun to do, you can read the instructions in my The Liebster Award post.

        Have fun, do not forget to link me in you post when answer my questions.



  10. Hello!! I just wanna take a moment out of your time to say thank u for following my blog and reading through either one or all of my posts!! It really means alot to me to know that i hadnt been writing all of this to go unshared or unnoticed. I wanna thank u from the bottom of my heart and i hope to hear ur comments on certain posts u might like or that spoke to u in a certain way. I always say “sharing is caring”, so pls share with me and if u like my posts then i hope u reblog/repost to share them with others aswell. Im happy to know ur here!😘😘 hope u keep coming by!✌️❌⭕️

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    1. Aww.. You’re very welcome! It’s always nice to know that people want to know your story or what you have to say.. Because what you think, feel, and write IS important! 😊


  11. Cris – thanks for stopping by and following. I wanted to let you know i had trouble connecting to your blog. The URL is taking users to theanalyticallifewordpress.com. Finally I was able to connect through your Gravitar image and account. I’m not a techy, but I think something is not right and you might be missing readers who are less persistant than i was today. 🙂

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